Sure, why not put a dam across the Golden Gate?

San Francisco Bay’s tides are going to rise. Should we dam the Golden Gate first?

If you wonder where dangerous new viruses might come from… they may actually be very old. Another reason climate change needs a solution.

Dozens of new viruses discovered in 15,000-year-old glacier ice

Be honest, how many of us have actually seen a green flash at sunset?

Meteorologist captures rare ‘green flash’ in Half Moon Bay

NASA is warning that in 10 years, the moon’s 18.6 year “wobble” nodal cycle will result in massively high tides, combined with on-going sea level rise that will flood more populated areas than ever before. Also, for boat owners with deep keels, could this mean more extreme low tides to worry about?

Rapid increases and extreme months in projections of United States high-tide flooding – Nature Climate Change

Is there ANYONE following this page who hasn’t dreamed of owning a lighthouse? $110K isn’t a bad price, AND the government has to keep the light, horn, and general structure working too!

Auction still open for Penfield Reef Lighthouse off of Fairfield, Bridgeport

They have $8MM in funding so far and are ready for sea trials. Cool idea— we’d love to look at this bathymetry!

Autonomous Subs Are Collecting Data For ‘Google Earth of the Oceans’

It may or may not help waves, it definitely will cost fisherpeople, but let’s talk about how much easier it would make offshore races!

New bill could eliminate whale entanglements, hurt crab fishery

Apparently, there’s now a new ocean.

There’s a new ocean now—can you name all 5?

Imagine, you could actually own the northeast side of Racoon Strait – Schomer Cove and Bluff Point.

Marin’s largest remaining undeveloped waterfront residential property headed to auction