They have $8MM in funding so far and are ready for sea trials. Cool idea— we’d love to look at this bathymetry!

Autonomous Subs Are Collecting Data For ‘Google Earth of the Oceans’

It may or may not help waves, it definitely will cost fisherpeople, but let’s talk about how much easier it would make offshore races!

New bill could eliminate whale entanglements, hurt crab fishery

Apparently, there’s now a new ocean.

There’s a new ocean now—can you name all 5?

Imagine, you could actually own the northeast side of Racoon Strait – Schomer Cove and Bluff Point.

Marin’s largest remaining undeveloped waterfront residential property headed to auction

What do you need to have happen before you can cast off the dock lines and join them in a life at sea?

Could #Boatlife Be the New #Vanlife?

Another wreck dotting the coastline.

A boat that just ran aground in Marin may be stuck there forever

Those King Tides are also colossal ebbs. Don’t get your keel stuck! And be cautious exploring the coast as the water recedes. Sneaker waves are common this time of year too, and as the tide comes back, it will be far higher than usual. If you get trapped by THESE tides you’ll REALLY be trapped.

King tides swelling across Bay Area coasts

Here’s a different way to go off the grid.

He lives in a 65-year-old cruise ship idling in the California Delta. The life isn’t easy

If you’re following the Wilbur Spaul’s world record attempt to sail to Hawaii on the smallest boat ever… the 9’ Chubby Girl…. he had some problems and is turning around. Text from his satellite device: “Large wave crAshed over boat and broke main sail. and caused hatch to leak. I returning to Santa Cruz to make repairs. Should be there in about 4 days . On heading 66 magnetic and about 153 miles to Santa Cruz. Many waves have been crashing over boat today.”

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